Safety Moment Events - Summer 2023

By Ganymede Solutions

Ganymede are delighted to share the success of our Summer 2023 Safety Moment events

Taking place across the UK in Scotland, Kent, Wales and Doncaster, Ganymede Safety Moment events are held once a quarter and give our rail operatives the opportunity to hear about the latest safety initiatives and industry messages. We also use these events to encourage our workforce to #SpeakUp, ask questions and voice their thoughts and any concerns.

The focus of our Summer 2023 Safety Moments was around our #SpeakUp and encouraging Close Call reporting.

We also explained the importance of reporting accidents and incidents immediately to Ganymede and briefed our operatives on the fair culture and how it is used to protect any individuals involved, ensuring any actions implemented are fair.

We also briefed the Network Rail Electrical Step Up to Safety. The Electrical Safety Step-Up is part of the wider Culture Industry Approach strategy to address cultural change and recommendations from recent electrical incidents around both the overhead line and conductor rail electrification systems.

As always, it was pleasing to see an excellent turn out for these events, and it is fantastic to see just how engaged our operatives are in our Safety First, Safety Always ethos.

Gary Lobue, Head of HSEQ said of the events:

It was well worth the visits and the time spent at our local offices meeting many of our workers to share our safety, health and wellbeing initiatives and messages through the promotion of our Speak Up campaign.

I don’t think you can beat face to face engagement with your frontline workforce, who are the most valuable persons within any business. Meeting these individuals brought out all the passion and emotion that I have for their safety, as honest conversations and discussions developed between us all ensuring 2-way communications were achieved throughout."


We trust all attendees found the sessions useful and engaging. As a business we are committed to raising awareness and sharing safety messages to our workforce to help keep everyone safe so the value in these sessions cannot be understated.

The next series of Safety Moment events will resume in the Autumn.