Close call reporting is an essential part of our safety first, safety always ethos.  A close call is defined as; something that has the potential to cause injury or damage (not to be confused with a near miss involving trains or on-track plant).

If you report a close call it can remain confidential and we will endeavour to resolve the issue to close out the close call.

Please remember that you can both raise and end a close call at the same time. For example, you could arrive at a site access and find the gate is left open so you close it, making the site safe again. Even though you have resolved the issue you should call it in. We need to be aware of these situations to study data and identify trends. In doing so you will help to prevent any future accidents.

You could be the person that reports a CLOSE CALL that could prevent countless injuries and save lives!

As part of this initiative, we are pleased to be supporting Cancer Research. For each close call that is reported and closed, we will donate £1 to the charity.


​The easiest way for our operatives to raise a Close Call is through the Ganymede app. Please speak to your local office for instructions on how to download it to your phone. Alternatively, send the information to the details below.


Every quarter Ganymede awards one of our operatives with a £150 voucher for the best close call raised. Details of past award winners can be found in our Safety First publications.

Don’t ignore it, close call it!