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Ganymede Connect is the latest Video Software, designed specifically for the screening and interview process to keep your pipeline of talent moving. With social distancing on everyone’s mind, the flexibility video offers is essential for combating the impact of COVID-19.


Ganymede Connect allows you to have complete visibility and greater control of the process, helping you to maintain your
position in the market. Watch the video below to find out exactly how Ganymede Connect works.

"Ganymede Connect makes the recruitment process so much easier. Having candidate interviews available to view remotely means the selection process becomes vastly more efficient. No longer do the Interviewers have to be together in one place, reducing the need to coordinate diaries. Candidate interviews can also be tailored to answer the specific questions relating to the assignment, making the selection process much quicker. Simply put, Ganymede Connect is a game changer for staff recruitment" – D Paris, Head of Engineering Services, Southeastern.

Our team at Terex found the Ganymede Connect extremely helpful towards filling one of our recent vacant roles. The video software gave us the opportunity to be involved right from the beginning and have increased visibility and control of the shortlisting process. The video screening was not only super-fast and efficient but also made the whole experience a lot more personal and interactive. I would definitely recommend it for any business and candidates who want to make the most out of the process." - A Peake, HR Manager, Terex Materials Processing

The Connect platform has given our candidates a unique opportunity to shine as well as allowing our clients to adopt a safe, efficient and effective process, resulting in higher quality hires at a lower hiring cost." - P Dickens, Operations Director, Ganymede​