We are committed to keeping our workforce safe so that everyone goes home safe every day. Although our railway is getting safer, there is more we need to do as an industry to improve safety on the railway.

Ganymede has created a safety campaign which aims to encourage our operatives to raise any concerns or questions they may have relating to all aspects of their work. Ganymede fully supports our workforce to Speak Up and challenge any unsafe acts conditions or behaviours in all situations, including:

Work safe procedure - Speak Up and raise a close call if asked to carry out unsafe acts that invoke the work safe procedure.

Wear correct PPE - Ask your team leader and Speak Up if you’re unsure about the correct PPE required.

Take time out - Risk assess your environment and tasks before, during and after the work. Speak Up if you’re concerned.

Fit for duty - If you feel unwell or unfit whilst carrying out tasks, Speak Up and let your team leader know.

It’s ok to not be ok -Speak Up if you are feeling low, Ganymede has mental health first-aiders available you can speak to, or you can contact the Samaritans 24 hours a day on 116 123.

Don’t always follow the leader - Don’t always follow the leader Speak Up if you think something is not safe.

Don’t ignore it, close call it - If you come across any unsafe acts or conditions, Speak Up and close call it through the Ganymede close call system.

Don’t drive tired - Stop and Speak Up if you start feeling the effects of fatigue when driving.

Don’t be afraid to Speak Up in any situation and if you feel unsure or would like any advice, contact our HSEQ team on 0333 011 2048 who will offer you support and guidance - remember, Safety First, Safety Always.

Speak Up