Ganymede recognise driving as one of the highest risk activities our workforce undertakes.  We are constantly working to ensure drivers using company vehicles do so in a way to ensure their personal safety, the safety of their passengers, other road users, pedestrians and the company.

All company authorised drivers must follow company guidance and take reasonable care for the safety of themselves and for others. Always remember Safety First, Safety Always.

Don't drive tired - we encourage our workforce to Speak Up if you are at risk of driver fatigue.
Check your vehicle - always conduct checks on your vehicles. Check your tyres, lights, windscreen wipers and oil.
Drive within the speed limits - stay within the speed limits and be extra cautious in difficult driving conditions such as rain, snow and ice.
Always wear your seatbelt - sealtbelts can save your life. Always make sure that the driver and all the passengers are wearing their seatbelts at all times.
Don't idle around - leaving your engine running while your vehicle is stationary is damaging to the environment. Please switch your vehicle off while you are not driving.

Contact the Fleet Team

Contact our dedicated Fleet Department if you have any questions relating to driving safety or your vehicle on 01332 861 659.