Utilising Our Expertise: How Our Team's Knowledge Benefits E.ON Energy

By Ganymede

E.ON UK is a British energy company and the largest supplier of energy and renewable electricity in the UK, following its acquisition of Npower. It is a subsidiary of E.ON of Germany and one of the Big Six energy suppliers.


Our solution involves the supply and management of a skilled and experienced workforce nationwide, including the management of fleet, logistics, tools, and equipment. We are involved in all aspects of the workforce management solution, from initial recruitment and selection, through training, competency management, career development, planning, and allocation, along with on-site auditing of quality and health and safety performance.

Ganymede started working with E.ON in 2019, initially to supply Engineers across the Midlands/North West of England.

Due to the ongoing success of our work and the satisfaction of our client, we now cover the whole of the UK. We currently have 140 Engineers out working, a number which will increase throughout 2024 as we establish a greater partnership with E.ON. E.ON's core focus is to provide decentralised, green, and interconnected solutions that address the needs of their customers and the environment. They aim to lead the global shift towards new technology by working with their customers to be more sustainable at home, helping companies to reduce their business carbon footprint, and across communities to build a smart and sustainable future.

Ganymede was chosen due to our extensive list of accreditations and our ability to deliver safety-critical, skilled engineering workforces nationwide.

Value Added

Due to the success of our internal operations team and back-office support team, we have exceeded our contracted SLAs and KPIs, making the delivery of this contract more profitable for our client.

The key elements of our success are listed below:

  • Regular audits to enhance the performance of the workforce 

  • Retaining a happy and engaged workforce 

  • Focus on performance management

The Results

Due to our success to date, we have been awarded a contract extension and are currently engaging in talks with E.ON about the future of our workforce.

For Ganymede, it has always been about the people: our clients, our management teams, and most importantly, our skilled workforce. The industry knowledge of our management team and the experience of our core workforce have helped Ganymede gain recognition as an industry leader and innovator.

These changes ensure that the message is conveyed clearly and succinctly.

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