5 Reasons to Hire Engineering Contractors

By Mark Lamb, Head of Client Development

You’re a Hiring Manager who wants to minimise disruption to business and projects during the recruitment process, but how? This blog outlines several ways in which hiring a contractor could solve your problems, even if it’s just while you’re looking for a permanent employee.

It’s estimated that there’s an annual shortfall of 59,000 engineers needed to fill technical roles across the UK. For employers, this means that competition for the best talent is at an all-time high – resulting in a longer time to hire, delayed projects and slower production.

So where do contract engineers come in to this? How much do contractors cost? We work with several businesses that need a temporary solution to accommodate for an increase in workload or to plug the gap during their permanent recruitment drive. There are a number of benefits to doing this, read them below:

1. They can hit the ground running

Engineering and civil engineering contractors are typically very skilled and experienced, with several years working as a permanent employee before changing to freelance. Hiring a contractor means you’re getting an expert that can make an instant impact to your business, with no training required. This is incredibly valuable if you’re working on a time-sensitive project or need to avoid any impact on production.

2. There is no commitment

Contractors can work with your business for as long, or as little, as required. Whether you need an engineer for 3 months to finish a project, or for 2 weeks to cover holiday or sickness, hiring a contract engineer is a great solution. Once the initial contract finishes, or you find the permanent employee you’ve been looking for, there’s no obligation to provide the contractor with more work. This is something seasoned contractors are comfortable with, and it provides great flexibility to your business.

3. It isn’t as expensive as you may think

It’s impossible to determine the cost of hiring an engineering contractor – this will completely depend on the experience they have, the work required, and the sector they’ll be operating in. You may panic when you see a daily contract rate, but keep in mind that there are no other costs involved, such as holiday pay or sick pay. The contractor is only paid for the time they work, which is great value for money, considering sickness pay alone can cost up to 16% of your annual salary bill.

4. They have their own insurance

Contractors are required to have their own insurance in order to carry out their services. Professional Indemnity insurance covers them if they make any mistakes or result in you losing money. Public Liability covers contractors if somebody is injured or property is damaged whilst supplying services. This is a benefit to you and your business as it means that you’re not liable in the same way you would be if these mistakes were made by a permanent member of staff. The cost of insurance and cost of the claim would fall on the contractor, not your business.

5. They’re a great answer to a permanent skills gap

The engineering skills gap is making it more difficult to recruit permanent engineers, but business can’t wait. When you recruit contract engineers, you’re giving your business the breathing space to take the time you need to fill a permanent position, while having somebody doing the job in the interim. It’s very likely that the amount spent on contractors would be less than the amount lost in not having somebody at least temporarily fill the role – delayed projects, low production and reduced output are avoidable.

Each of these points combined should paint a great picture of the benefits of recruiting engineering or civil engineering contractors. Some businesses prefer to hire contractors, others use them as means to an end – either way, they’re a resource that your business should be considering during increased workloads and recruitment gaps.

Engineering Recruitment

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