You will find useful guides and documents here to help keep you safe. If you have any questions, please contact the HSEQ team on 0333 011 2048.

A Guide to Personal Track Safety

This guide is designed to remind you of the dangers and hazards of working in a Railway Environment; it is your route to safe working on or near the line.

Network Rail Standards

The aim of Network Rail’s standards is to achieve a safe, high performing and cost-efficient railway system.

NR/L2/OHS/019 Simplification - Standard Change Briefing

NR/L2/OHS/019 Issue 12

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Rule Book Handbooks

These handbooks cover the rules, which must be applied in certain situations by Sentinel track safety card holders.  Make sure you have up to date copies of the Handbooks for the competencies you hold. 

Handbook G1- General Safety Responsibilities and Personal Track Safety for Non-Track Workers

​Handbook 1 - General duties and track safety for track workers

Handbook 2 – Instructions for Track Workers who use Emergency Protection Equipment

Handbook 3 – Duties of the Lookout and Site Warden

Handbook 4 – Duties of a Points Operator and Route-setting Agent – Moving and Securing Points by Hand

Handbook 5 – Handsignalling Duties

Handbook 6 – General Duties of an Individual Working Alone (IWA)

Handbook 7 – General Duties of a Controller of Site Safety

Handbook 8 – IWA, COSS or PC Blocking a Line

Handbook 9 – IWA or COSS Setting up Safe Systems of Work Within Possessions

Handbook 10 – Duties of the COSS or SWL and Person in Charge when using a Hand Trolley

Handbook 11 – Duties of the Person in Charge of the Possession (PICOP)

Handbook 12 – Duties of the Engineering Supervisor (ES) or Safe Work Leader (SWL) in a Possession

Handbook 13 – Duties of the Person in Charge of the Siding Possession (PICOS)

Handbook 14 – Duties of the Person in Charge of Loading and Unloading Rail Vehicles during Engineering Work

Handbook 15 – Duties of the Machine Controller (MC) and On-track Plant Operator

Handbook 16 – AC Electrified Lines

Handbook 17 – DC Electrified Lines

Handbook 18 – Duties of a Level Crossing Attendant

Handbook 19 – Work on Signalling Equipment – Duties of the Signalling Technician