Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

Principal Recruitment Consultant

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  2. michael.dobson@ganymedesolutions.co.uk
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My background in recruitment

My background in recruitment initially comes from a strong candidate sourcing role before I joined Ganymede Solutions in 2017 which provided me with a good head start when joining. Since joining Ganymede Solutions, I have since developed my skills in terms of sales, problem solving and knowledge not just of recruitment but the engineering sector on a whole.

I have notably supported one of our key railway clients for several years where I have helped build & maintain their headcount of train presentation operatives where I played a key part in building their COVID support team in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic.

I can help you with

My roles as a Principal Recruitment Consultant is to ensure I listen and understand the needs, frustrations, and areas our clients are aiming to improve and provide solutions for them. This can range from understanding the type of candidates they are looking to hire (skill set, personality, location etc…), salary bench marking, sector knowledge and payroll & invoicing.

For a candidate I offer a similar service in terms of helping them find the best role for them, so they remain a part of that company for a long-term period as part of their career progression.

The best part of my job

I enjoy speaking with new and current clients to understand more about their business which enables me to offer further value to them.

I am always keen to learn new roles and sectors to add to my knowledge & skill set whether it be as a hands on operative or high-level director positions.

The main buzz I get is when I know I have satisfied my client or candidate and provided them with that they asked me to do.

What I do when I'm not in the office

I have a huge passion for football where I am season ticket holder at Manchester United. I enjoy regular time in the gym where I aim to train 5 – 6 times per week and am graded to 7th grade (green stripe belt) in kickboxing with Xen-Do Martial Arts and have previously modelled for various clothing brands in the past.

Besides this I enjoy spending time with family & friends at music events and holidays.


Michael has been very helpful with the transition from leaving the forces. He gave me a call reference contracting opportunities explaining to me how the contracting world works and stored my CV etc on file for upcoming opportunities. I then applied for a permanent role and approached Michael for help with questions. In no way would this benefit Michael at all, he still went out of his way to find question sets for myself. Very honest guy, very helpful and approachable.

Scott Jarman