Leah Richards

Resource Coordinator

  1. 0758 318 7872
  2. leah.richards@ganymedesolutions.co.uk

​​My background in recruitment

I have had past experience in resourcing for a recruitment company, as well as other admin roles.

I can help you with

I provide the best talent and a wide range of skills within our operatives. With operatives based all over the country, I can cover any work needed, whether it's local or far. I have a very good relationship and understanding with all my operatives, which makes it promising that they will be reliable and hardworking. My team and I work with the same mindset, striving to build strong relationships and friendships with clients. This is not only to secure work but because I truly enjoy helping others and gaining trust within this industry.

The best part of my job

I enjoy meeting new people, whether they're clients or operatives. It's an opportunity to expand my network and learn more about the rails. I find fulfillment in helping both operatives and clients, whether it's solving a problem or providing support. Building relationships and friendships is a core part of my approach, as I believe in fostering strong connections within the industry.

What I do when I'm not in the office
I enjoy travelling around England, visiting as many friends and family members as I can.


Leah is an absolute star. She has gone above and beyond to help me sort the Christmas works. She is an asset to Ganymede!