Kaylee Lenton

Resource Consultant

  1. 07704 543 775
  2. kaylee.lenton@ganymedesolutions.co.uk

My background in recruitment

I have been working in recruitment for nearly 2 years now, within the energy sector of Ganymede. My time in the company has exposed me to new opportunities every day. I derive much enjoyment and pride from building relationships with individuals of diverse skillsets and backgrounds, ensuring I can fulfil my role and meet each person’s needs when it comes to filling new positions.

Having previously worked in retail, I had already developed a fondness for engaging with new people and offering suitable advice or information tailored to each unique situation. This background has facilitated my transition to a resource consultant role!

I can help you with

I can assist with various roles within the energy industry. Whether you're seeking an excellent work-life balance or opportunities to supplement your income, I'm always willing to take the time to understand each situation and offer insights into how I can help.

I'm open to speaking with individuals in related industries such as:

- Dual Fuel Smart Metering (often with Upskill availability)

- Domestic & Commercial Central Heating / Gas work

- Domestic & Commercial Plumbing

- Renewable Energy – Solar PV, EV Charging, Heat Pumps, Battery Storage etc

- Progression / further Management positions

The best part of my job

My favourite aspect of my job is the satisfaction of genuinely assisting someone in making a positive change in their career. There's nothing more gratifying than reconnecting with them later and hearing about the benefits their new situation has brought them.

I firmly believe that Ganymede stands out from other companies in the energy sector. We prioritise quality over quantity and strive to build supportive networks within all aspects of our opportunities.

What I do when I'm not in the office

In my leisure time, you'll often find me at the cinema or attending concerts with my family and friends. I have a deep passion for rock music and exhilarating sci-fi movies, and I make an effort to stay abreast of new releases hitting the big screen. If I had to pick, my all-time favourite movies would undoubtedly include Interstellar, Disney’s Treasure Planet, The Martian, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise!