Brodie Knight

Brodie Knight

Resource Consultant

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My background in recruitment

I have been involved in recruitment for 2 years now, exclusively working for Ganymede and focusing solely on the energy segment of the business. My time in the company has been a dream. Fulfilling client demands and speaking to engineers across England, Scotland, and Wales on a daily basis has been incredibly rewarding from a personal, client, and candidate perspective.

Coming from a roofing construction background where customer focus was at the forefront of my day, the transition to a resource consultant was very smooth, and it couldn't have worked out better. I would say it's a match made in heaven 😊.

A link to my blog for a read on my transition from Roofer to resource consultant Transferable Skills – Why Recruitment is for everyone · Ganymede (

I can help you with

I can assist you, as a candidate, in finding a tailor-made position for yourself through a private and confidential chat. We'll discuss your current working situation and previous job history to ensure the next chapter of your career is one marked by longevity, success, and happiness. Listening is not just a crucial but also my favourite part of my job role. Therefore, all are welcome to get in touch; I am here to listen, advise, and find solutions for engineers in the following job roles:

- Gas & Electrical (Dual Fuel) Smart Meter Engineers – Trainee/Upskill Positions also available

- Central Heating – Gas Service, Breakdown, and Installation Engineers – Commercial & Domestic

- Domestic & Commercial Plumbers

- Renewable Energy – EV Charge Point, Solar, Heat Pump & Battery Storage

- Management positions for all the above roles

The best part of my job

My favourite aspect of the job is building long-lasting relationships with candidates day in and day out. This was the main reason why I wanted to become a resource consultant in the first place. Communication is key in this role, and it's a trait I thoroughly enjoy from the start to finish of a candidate's journey through an interview process. The rewarding feeling of catching up with them when they are out in the field, living the dream that we first spoke about in our initial conversation, is truly fulfilling.

I feel truly blessed to wake up in the mornings, happy and raring to go, making a positive impact continuously to further myself and all involved in my day.

What I do when I'm not in the office

Outside of work, my friends and family are key! I live for laughs, experiences, and memories. Travelling across the UK, as well as abroad, are trips I make time for annually to experience different cultures, food, and of course, the occasional alcoholic beverage 😉. I hit the gym regularly and also play football weekly. Football plays a significant role in my week; it is my favourite sport in the world


Having someone to talk to directly - Brodie - who could answer questions first time on each call.

I dealt with Brodie mainly, very good communication from him all the time. Always got back to me straight away and would always ask how I was and not just speak about work.

Dealt mainly with Brodie. Easy to chat with. Explained everything thoroughly and easy to understand. Supportive.

Brodie Knight was excellent from day one. He gave good honest answers to my questions and was always ahead of the game when sending things needing to be done.