Empowering Success: The Ganymede Approach to Team Development

By Rachael Bailey-Frost

Empowering Success: The Ganymede Approach to Team Development

In conversation with Owen Hughes, Divisional Manager

Dive into the insights of Owen Hughes, Divisional Manager at Ganymede, as he reflects on his decade-long journey with the company and explores its approach to team development. From delivering on promises to fostering a supportive culture, Owen's perspective offers valuable insights into Ganymede's ethos and its commitment to empowering success.

What made you stay with Ganymede for close to 10 years, and how has the company supported your personal and professional growth?

While working at RTC Group (ATA and Ganymede), everything I have been promised has always been delivered upon achieving the targets set out for me. That’s something I’ve always loved about the business – it’s very much "Here are the tools. Here's the support network. Go get it!" and that's how I love to work! Professionally, I’ve progressed on an upward trajectory in role, responsibility, and earnings, which in turn has supported my personal growth immensely.

How do you create a supportive and collaborative team culture within your team?

The facts are that sales professionals are constantly under pressure to perform at a high level and generate substantial revenue. However, the sales environment can be isolating at times, and this isolation can negatively impact the mental health of individuals.


One thing I am extremely passionate about is creating a platform for my colleagues and team members to openly discuss their personal lives, particularly the mental health challenges they may be experiencing. This is incredibly important, as not everyone has a strong support network at home. Therefore, I take proactive steps to provide a safe space for them to share their experiences. After all, a team cannot truly be supportive and collaborative without its members feeling mentally healthy, happy, and genuinely motivated to excel.


In what ways do you nurture and advance your team members to enable them to achieve their maximum potential?

In addition to achieving Divisional targets, I view my role as being centred on each individual within the team. My aim is to empower them by identifying gaps in their skillset and performance with candidates and clients, and by broadening their perspectives to better approaches in recruitment. I aspire to enable my team members to become the finest recruitment consultants they can be, achieved through coaching them to maintain the highest standards of quality in all aspects of their work.


What methods do you use to celebrate and recognise the achievements and milestones of your team members in their development journeys?

As a management team at Ganymede, we are continually seeking ways to acknowledge the accomplishments of our team members. Furthermore, we actively encourage individuals to share and celebrate their own efforts, regardless of size, with the rest of the team. Recognising achievements is crucial in the challenging field of recruitment. We celebrate both minor victories and major performances, doing so on a daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual basis. We offer incentives of various sizes and hold regular team catch-ups where everyone has the chance to acknowledge their colleagues' contributions during that period.


How do you assess the skills and cultural fit of potential candidates during the hiring process?

Our exceptional Talent Manager, Rachael Bailey-Frost, serves as the primary contact for those interested in joining Ganymede. Together, we work seamlessly to attract the talent we believe will propel our business to even greater heights than we've achieved in recent years. When assessing potential recruits, we evaluate their past recruitment performance for experienced candidates, while for trainees, we focus on their core skills, values, and attitude towards learning and hard work.

We’re never shy to let people know it’s ok to say, “I want to be in a job where I am in control of my own earnings” and that is something you certainly are, here in the Derby Recruitment team at Ganymede.

Finally, what are you looking for in people joining your team?

It's widely understood that being hardworking and resilient are essential qualities for a Recruiter, but we seek much more than that in our consultants. We place a premium on a positive attitude towards delivering a high-quality service to clients and candidates above all else. When recruiting individuals, we welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds as long as they possess that intangible spark. However, it's crucial that they not only meet our standards but also elevate our overall performance. Most importantly, we value team players who can seamlessly integrate with our outstanding, high-performing team.​

We are always keen to speak to talented recruiters and sales professionals, who are looking to take the next step in their career. If you're ready to join our team, get in touch with our Talent Manager Rachael Bailey-Frost today.

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