Navigating the Tracks: A Year in Rail Recruitment

By Rachael Bailey-Frost

​Navigating the Tracks: A Year in Rail Recruitment

In conversation with Leah Richards, Resource Coordinator

Enter the world of railway recruitment with "Navigating the Tracks: A Year in Rail Recruitment," where Leah Richards, Resource Coordinator, shares her insights. From her initial interest in the role, sparked by a recommendation to her seamless integration into the Ganymede team, Leah reflects on her journey through Rail Recruitment.

What was it about this opportunity that made you want to join the team?

"I heard about the role and immediately recognised that my experience in the rail sector made me a great fit. With my background in administration, coupled with my enjoyment of communicating with others, it presented a great opportunity to leverage my previous knowledge in this new position."

How did you find the interview process?

"Even though the interview was very formal, I was automatically made to feel very comfortable throughout the whole process from the call process to getting to meet the team I’d be working with, they where all very friendly."

How have you found your first 12 months?

"At times challenging, yet also exciting, my role as a Resourcer has provided a significant learning curve, granting me a deeper understanding of the rails. I've also developed increased patience and empathy towards operatives and what they go through while working on the rails. Additionally, I've grown more confident, regularly engaging with clients, new acquaintances, teams, and participating in frequent telephone communication, which has pushed me beyond my comfort zone. This has benefited me not only within my work but also outside of it."

What is your favourite part of your job?

"There are many different things I like about the role, but some that stick out are: I enjoy meeting new people and forming connections, which this role includes plenty of, from creating connections with my colleagues to getting to meet all the operatives. Secondly, there's immense satisfaction in helping operatives secure work and witnessing their success when they land the perfect role for them. Lastly, the job offers continuous learning opportunities, helping me grow both professionally and personally."

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