Ganymede Subcontractor Forum Summer 2023

By Ganymede

Ganymede host successful Subcontractor Forum to further develop a collaborative approach with our supply chain

As part of the Network Rail CP6 Contingent Labour framework and to encourage more work with SME’s, Ganymede have selected and approved a number of subcontractors to fulfil our obligations and have thus had a successful 18 month start to the contract.

With this in mind, we have developed a HSEQ and operational strategy with initiatives set to take us into CP7, with objectives through KPIs to measure our progress and achieve this aim.

To ensure collaborative working and the sharing of best practices moving forward, we hosted a Ganymede Subcontractor Forum held at our Head Office, The Derby Conference Centre.

We wanted to take the time to discuss our recent successes regarding safety and operational performance, as well as have an interaction session regarding any areas of improvement.

It was great to have the opportunity to meet with our supply chain face to face, as well as give our subcontractors the platform to present their thoughts on how we can safely grow our Contingent Labour supply to Network Rail together.

Gary Lobue, Head of HSEQ explains: “This was an excellent turnout for what was our first Subcontractor Forum and we couldn’t have wished for a more successful event. I was privileged to share our company values and our HSEQ Strategy with everyone, it was so refreshing to experience the enthusiasm everyone had for working together and sharing best practice.

I would like to thank everyone that attended for their engagement and participation on the day and their commitment to work together with Ganymede to meet our joint objective of the safety, health and wellbeing of our frontline workforce.”

Donna-Marie Burton, Programme Commercial Manager (Southern Region Routes) attended on behalf of Network Rail and said of the event: “As a Senior Leader within Network Rail Southern Region, it was a pleasure to take part in Ganymede’s very first Subcontractor Forum. I have to say, it was a well organised and much needed event, creating the opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and valuable insights along the way. I was most impressed to watch the forum really come together, demonstrating the willingness and ability to collaborate with each other in order to achieve the end result, which is something we can all learn from.

We’ve come along way since the mobilisation of Front Line Labour contract and that hard work and determination needs to be acknowledged. However the energy, enthusiasm and engagement across the room was clear to see, and I look forward to see how this progresses this forward to the next stage.

Thank you for being open and honest with your discussions, even with myself as the client in the room. I hope my presence not only supplied the opportunity to answer some much needed questions, but also demonstrated the collaborative partnership between NR Southern Region and Ganymede across the Kent and Sussex Routes. I look forward to the next event.”

We look forward to hosting our second Subcontractor Forum towards the end of 2023 to review our progress and further develop a collaborative approach to delivery and HSEQ within our supply chain.