Safety Moment Events 2022

By Ganymede

Ganymede are delighted to share the success of our Autumn 2022 Safety Moment events in both Ashford and Scotland.

Ganymede Safety Moment events are held once a quarter and give our rail operatives the opportunity to hear about the latest safety initiatives and industry messages. We also use these events to encourage our workforce to #SpeakUp, ask questions and voice their thoughts and any concerns.

As always, it was pleasing to see an excellent turn out for these events, and it is fantastic to see just how engaged our operatives are in our Safety First, Safety Always ethos.



For this event, we had a strong focus on the new Network Rail Fatigue standard that will be implemented at the end of this month.

We covered: 

  • The symptoms of fatigue and how to recognise them in ourselves as well as those around us

  • How our operatives can #SpeakUp if they have any concerns surrounding fatigue

  • Exactly what is changing with the introduction of the new Network Rail standard

We delivered talks on the various topics mentioned above, an interactive session and finished with an open forum for questions to our various Ganymede staff who were in attendance on the day.


Gary Lobue, Head of HSEQ said of the events:

“These were thoroughly worthwhile events which successfully captured the attention of our operatives. It was encouraging to see the engagement showed by everyone. All those in attendance gave their full attention to our presentation on the new fatigue standard requirements and showed a positive response to taking onboard their own individual responsibilities around fatigue and their fitness to work.”


We trust all attendees found the sessions useful and engaging. As a business we are committed to raising awareness and sharing safety messages to our workforce to help keep everyone safe so the value in these sessions cannot be understated.

The next series of Safety Moment events will resume in the Spring.