​Thriving as a Woman in Engineering

By Ganymede

​Thriving as a Woman in Engineering


As an experienced recruiter, the thought of moving into a new industry can be daunting. We spoke to our Principal Consultant, Emma Marshall, on why the Engineering sector is inclusive to everyone.

How did you get into engineering?

"It started with recruitment – I joined a company that specialised in electrical engineering mainly because I knew people within the industry. To be honest I didn’t know anything about engineering; but I used to be an estate agent before and I liked the sales aspect to that role. Not to mention recruitment was Monday to Friday and more money."

Was it challenging to move into the sector?

"It did take a good 6 months to a year to pick up the technical language from scratch. Once I knew the machinery names and the ins and out of the roles I was working on, it did make a difference. There is a lot to learn but getting out on site made it easier to pick it up."

Whilst the industry has progressed over the years in regards to diversity, there is still some room for growth to encourage women into engineering. Why do you think that is?
"It was just never offered to me growing up. When I was at school, girls weren’t encouraged into engineering or shown the different options. If I were to go through school again and be introduced to engineering – I think it would have made a difference, definitely."

Why do you think diversity is important?
"I think it’s important because it encourages other women to get involved. Diversity makes any workplace more appealing – it offers a different point of view and approach to things which is welcomed by most people in the industry."

What would you say to any women considering moving into the engineering sector and can they expect to face any challenges?

"Do it! Times are changing and people are more welcoming now. Like anything new you might have to prove your knowledge, but everyone I have spoke to in the industry has been welcoming – I’m still learning more and more every day!"

Where do you see your future career going? Still in engineering?

"Yes definitely. I like that Ganymede want you to progress and be successful – you have your own desk, and you are in charge of it. It’s a lucrative sector and the people are Ganymede make it what it is."

If, like Emma, you are a Recruiter wondering if the engineering industry is for you, get in touch today to see if Ganymede could be the right fit for you.