Ganymede partner with local training providers to tackle unemployment

By Sam Stanyer, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Unemployment is one of the key drivers behind poverty which can have a deep impact on the communities we work within. As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and our continued drive to benefit our local communities, Ganymede has collaborated with local training providers over the last two years to develop and run specialist employment programmes.

So far, we have designed and delivered these programmes within the rail industry in partnership with local training providers, such as Intertrain. The programmes are targeted at giving participants training, qualifications and finally the opportunity of work with Ganymede.

The courses are held at several locations across the UK including Doncaster, Leeds, Portsmouth, London and Liverpool. Our team of resourcers have ensured that majority of those who graduated from the course have gained enough rail experience to earn consistent working hours on the railway.

Case Study

Lewis Hutchinson was one of the individuals who went through the training programme. This is Lewis’ heart-warming story of how our programme helped him get back on his feet:

Lewis had worked in the retail sector since he was 16 and worked hard to progress into becoming a manager. Unfortunately, he was in a road traffic accident that left him unable to drive and return to work in that position. This left Lewis out of work for the first time in his life and needing a change of career.

Lewis learnt about our training programme through one of our local training providers and joined the course. The course lasted for three months and during the course, Lewis gained his PTS qualification, completed his ICI, had a full track induction and completed practical tests allowing him to go work on the railway.

Lewis said, “without Ganymede’s training scheme, I really can’t tell you where I would be. I've always been interested in the railway and I absolutely love working on track. I couldn’t be happier with the work provided and I enjoy working somewhere different each day, it’s been great!”

Since completing his training, Lewis has worked regular shifts and has successfully come out of mentorship and has earned his white hat. He is now working consistent hours with Ganymede and is enjoying his career in the railway.

Our Core Values

At Ganymede, our core values that include being Socially Responsible and People are our Passion, are demonstrated by this programme. We’re proud to support people trying to escape unemployment and help the communities we work within. To date we have helped over 170 people with our programme and hope to increase that number year on year. We are also looking to go beyond the rail industry by extending our training across the construction industry.

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