Delivering safety critical, skilled engineering workforces for OVO Energy

By Ganymede

OVO Energy is British-owned and privately backed, with its headquarters in Bristol. OVO Energy supplies gas and electricity to domestic customers since 2009 and it is one of the Big Six energy suppliers. 


Ganymede were chosen due to our ability to deliver safety critical, skilled engineering workforces working in customers’ homes. We work as a service provider partner of OVO and manage all training, recruitment, vetting and performance management of our engineers through our unique workforce model that was tailored specifically to meet OVO’s needs.

Key Facts

Ganymede were chosen as the exclusive supplier to supply and manage a minimum of 250 smart meter engineers for OVO’s UK wide installation role out. This contract was for an initial 3 years with a 2-year extension and was worth £28 Million in revenue to Ganymede. 

Ganymede continue to be an integral part of OVO’s success in delivering their Net Zero target. 

Value Added

OVO’s key business drivers were to reduce risk, reduce cost and secure supply of skilled smart meter engineers.

We are supplying a qualified experienced operations team which consists of an operations manager and area managers who support the contract and our client to manage any performance related issues that arise from the day-to-day operations. 

The key elements of our success are listed below:

  • Regular audits to enhance the performance of the workforce 

  • Retaining a happy and engaged workforce 

  • Focus on performance management

The results 

We have now successfully completed the initial 5-year agreement and due to our ongoing success and client satisfaction we have been awarded a further contract extension, which will establish our partnership with OVO for many more years to come.

For Ganymede, it has always been about the people; our clients, our management teams & most importantly our skilled workforce. The industry knowledge of our management team and the experience of our core workforce have helped Ganymede gain recognition as an industry leader and innovator.

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