Ganymede launches new safety campaign: Speak Up

By Ganymede

​Speak Up

As one of the leading suppliers of contingent labour to the infrastructure sector, Ganymede’s priority of keeping its workforce, colleagues and communities safe is always at the top of the agenda. With a workforce of 1,500 safety-critical personnel deployed across the country on a daily basis, the company continues to work hard to instil the culture of Safety First, Safety Always.

Although statistics show that the railway is getting safer, there is still more we need to do as an industry to improve safety on the railway. That’s why Ganymede has launched its Speak Up campaign, a safety campaign that encourages its workforce to Speak Up and challenge any unsafe conditions or behaviours without the fear of any consequences or repercussions.

Paul Crompton, Managing Director at Ganymede, said: “We are launching the ‘Speak Up’ campaign to encourage all of our workforce to raise any safety concerns with the aim of preventing accidents and incidents occurring. I would like to give my personal assurance that Ganymede will support anyone who raises a safety concern and will take action to ensure it is addressed.”

Gary Lobue, Head of HSEQ at Ganymede, said: “It is fact that in the last two years, the majority of accidents, incidents and near misses could have been prevented if the right decision was made earlier and this is where Speaking Up would have made a huge difference. The simple key themes of our Speak Up campaign is aimed at the human behaviours of our workforce to help them make the correct decisions when carrying out their duties. Our challenge to everyone is to take responsibility for your actions and to challenge others by Speaking Up.”

The Speak Up campaign is based around the following key themes:

Work safe procedure - Speak Up and raise a close call if asked to carry out unsafe acts that invoke the work safe procedure.

Wear correct PPE - Ask your team leader and Speak Up if you’re unsure about the correct PPE required.

Take time out - Risk assess your environment and tasks before, during and after the work. Speak Up if you’re concerned.

Fit for duty - If you feel unwell or unfit whilst carrying out tasks, Speak Up and let someone know.

It’s ok to not be ok - If you are feeling low or need someone to talk to. Ganymede has mental health first-aiders available you can speak to, or you can contact the Samaritans 24 hours a day on 116 123.

Don’t always follow the leader - If you are in doubt, don’t be afraid to Speak Up and raise any concerns you may have.

Don’t ignore it, close call it - If you come across any unsafe acts or conditions, Speak Up and close call it through the Ganymede close call system.

Don’t drive tired - Stop and Speak Up if you start feeling the effects of fatigue when driving.

We’ll be focusing on these key themes throughout our safety awareness initiatives such as our Safety Moment events and Safety First newsletters throughout the year. We have also launched a survey to further gauge the views of our workforce which can be completed anonymously. If you work for Ganymede, you have until 29 February to submit your answers and we’re giving away £150 voucher to a lucky winner that will be selected at random.

Our message to our workforce is simple: please don’t be afraid to Speak Up. If you are unsure or would like any advice about anything related to safety, health or wellbeing, contact a Ganymede safety advisor who will offer support and guidance.

You can find details on our Rail Workforce Survey the Speak Up campaign on our new Health & Safety Hub on our website here.