Babcock Rail (CLIP) Case Study

By Ganymede

Ganymede, have succeeded in forging strong contract relations nationally, with Babcock Rail throughout their rail civils projects and plain line renewals contracts. Babcock is one of the principal contractors for plain line track renewals and delivers a multimillion pound programme of works to strict delivery deadlines, within a tight budget for Network Rail Infrastructure Projects. From our early contract, back in 2008 working on the Erewash project, to playing a major role in the implementation of the Contingency Labour Integration programme (CLIP). Ganymede has always prided ourselves on being a partner of choice and a trusted supplier.


Babcock Rail


Both Babcock & Network Rail’s vision for CLIP was to deliver a self-sustainable experienced workforce that could deliver all the plain line renewals requirements throughout the peaks and the troughs within the predominantly weekend scheduled work programme. It was identified from the onset that this could only be achieved by a joint approach from the four core labour suppliers of contingent labour to Network Rail. Consequently, the brief was straightforward, Babcock were moving from their current supply chain and Ganymede alongside our partners were expected to cover the requirements of 300 plus operatives of varying skills within a four-week period.

To make it work Ganymede’s role in CLIP was to assist Babcock in co-ordinating a series of high level and operational meetings so, all four core suppliers could facilitate and implement a deliverable integration programme for labour for the Babcock renewals programme in Wessex.​

​Key Challenges:

  • Change management programme – Integration of the new supply chain

  • Disproportion in requirements, predominantly weekend only

  • Spike in the programme

  • Uplift in DC third rail strapping teams

  • Maintaining a sustainable workforce

  • Fatigue management


Testimony to Ganymede’s industry knowledge and the trust shown by Babcock in our operational capabilities we were placed in a lead position alongside the Babcock resource team. We were tasked with identifying a sustainable split of work within the programme and implementing a robust deliverable programme of works across our supply chain partner’s that was in line with each of the company’s capabilities. We set about introducing a series of planning and review meetings to continually monitor progress through every stage of the programme. Following the planning meetings, and in agreement with each supply partner we compiled a comprehensive resource programme which was handed to the Babcock management team for verification and sign off.

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