Network Rail - Labour Supply Case Study

By Ganymede

​Ganymede’s initial partnership with Network Rail began in 1998 with only a small team of 15 workers in and around London. As a testament to the commitment, collaboration and subsequent success of this partnership, Ganymede have managed to continually grow year on year to become one of the largest suppliers of contingent labour to Network Rail. Ganymede is the primary supplier of contingent labour in the LNE North, Wales, Western and Wessex Regions and secondary supplier in the East Midlands region.

We believe our success is down to a collaborative approach and the trust shown by Network Rail, who have always been very clear about their key objectives and their expectations of shared goals. Our ability to work in synergy with Network Rail to understand their critical core business needs and the capability to use this knowledge so, we could find the most effective solution for their labour requirements has helped build a mutual trust and interdependency between our two organisations. Because of this approach, we were proud to be awarded a long-term contract in 2015 as a primary supplier of contingent labour Network Rail, resulting in more than 1500 primary sponsored multi-skilled workers of all disciplines deployed nationally daily.

Our solution involves the supply and management of a skilled and experienced workforce nationwide including the management of fleet, logistics, tools and equipment. We are involved in all aspects of the workforce management solution from initial recruitment and selection, through training, competency management, career development, planning and allocation along with on-site auditing of quality and health and safety performance.

For Ganymede, it has always been about the people; our clients, our management teams & most importantly our skilled workforce. The industry knowledge of our management team and the experience of our core workforce have helped Ganymede gain recognition as an industry leader and innovator.

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