Sales to Recruitment: Why You Should Make the Move

By Rachael Bailey-Frost

​​If you are a successful salesperson with a strong track record, it is highly likely you have been contacted about embarking on a recruitment career. There is a very simple reason for this; salespeople generally make the best Recruitment Consultants.

There are a lot of similarities between sales and recruitment and with the growth in recruitment in recent years, the sector is becoming the go-to option for salespeople keen to utilise their skills but create a viable, long-term and lucrative career

If you are a salesperson and are unsure about whether recruitment could be for you, our Talent Acquisition Manager, Rachael, compiled the top 4 reasons you should consider making the move.

1. Recruitment is sales too

If you thrive in a fast-paced and targeted sales environment, then a career in recruitment will offer you this. Recruitment Consultants are given sales targets and although you are selling a service instead of a product, the skills you have learnt in a typical sales role will enable you to get to grips with recruitment sales a lot faster. Ganymede has an extremely successful training programme, where you will receive one-on-one training to help you adapt your sales techniques to our sector. We also offer a threshold-free period while you settle in your role, meaning you will start to yield financial results quickly.

2. You have a lot of autonomy

While we offer a huge amount of support initially, you are also given the autonomy to build your own business within our business. We want people who have the confidence to go out and win their own clients, have the gravitas to engage with and maintain their own candidate base and have the know-how to manage the sales process from end to end. We train our rookies to do this, but for those that have previous experience in a sales setting, you can quickly get to the point in which you are managing your own workload and being rewarded for doing so.

3. Progression is based on results

Progression in sales and recruitment is meritocratic – if you perform well, you will progress. However, in a typical sales setting, this progression can stagnate quickly – a sales team will have a Sales Manager or Director looking after a team and while opportunities for small steps up may arise, you could find yourself stuck in a mid-level position for a while, until someone else departs and you can fill their post.

I mentioned in the previous point that you can essentially create your own business within our business, meaning if you are consistently performing, the opportunity for your growth is endless. Recruitment Consultancies often create new positions for top performers – this is something that we do regularly here at Ganymede – and, there is also the opportunity to bring in junior consultants to help manage your workload and grow ‘your’ business.

4. Recruitment is an extremely lucrative sector

There is no doubt that sales can be lucrative too, but most people I speak to who are looking to move into recruitment from sales have capped or team commission schemes, essentially limiting what they can earn individually. Within most recruitment organisations, your commission is completely uncapped and generally, those with a sales background start earning additional commission quickly. At Ganymede, our consultants earn at least a third of what they bill, with many of our top performers (who came from sales backgrounds) taking home more than £100,000 annually by their third year in a role with us.

Sound good?

Ganymede is in an exciting period of growth and we are currently looking for experienced salespeople to come and join our teams. Alongside the above, we offer our consultants the opportunity to work in modern offices with like-minded and ambitious individuals. We have numerous incentives and prizes outside of our generous basic salary and commission scheme and encourage healthy competition among our staff. Due to expansion in all our offices, we are looking for the next leaders of our business, with fast-tracked routes into management available for high performers that also demonstrate they can behave in the correct way and uphold our high company standards.

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